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Breed Features

  • Low maintenance: They are aggressive grazers with rapid growth and weight gain (can gain up to 1 pound per day on grass alone).
  • Will breed year around: They are one of the most fertile breeds. Lambing rates of 180% are possible.
  • Shed their fleeces: They maintain a kemp covering along top of back for sun protection. Shearing is not necessary unless campaigning on the show circuit.
  • Have unique eating habits: They prefer to graze on grass or browse depending on forage available.
  • A hardy breed: Dorper’s thrive under conditions where other breeds barely exist, even while raising a lamb. Known to do well outdoors during winter with temperatures down to 0 degrees and in the summer with a high of 100+ degrees.
  • Calm disposition and naturally gentle: The breed is easy to work with.
  • Most often a hornless breed although “scurs” (a small horn) sometimes develop.
  • Excellent mothers: Dorper ewes give birth to singles, twins, triplets, and occasional quads. Most ewes lamb by themselves with no assistance—moms just show up with little ones at their side.
  • Dorper rams are used on many sheep breeds: This “half-blood” offspring, also called “F1”, exhibit outstanding growth and weight gains.
  • Dorper genetics are unique: Dorper sheep are so far removed genetically from other sheep breeds in North America that offspring often exhibit “hybrid vigor” not found in other crosses.